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I am going to explore the concepts of 'blind spots', the fear of them, the courage to confront them and the friends who love us enough to journey with us as we expose them and change. To do this I have made a garment from gifted fabric but not sewn the last few seams together. As the 100 days unfold I will add some stitches every day and as they draw to an end I will complete the jacket. A collection of tiny stitches each day and maybe a sentence to go with them... a meditation on courage, surrender and rich relationships. A declaration that I will be more than I am right now. Phil 1v6



Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is to admit to yourself that you don't have much to offer in a situation. Harder again to let another person see what you don't have, and how little you do have. Yet, when we know that we are safe with another person we can reveal who we really are rather than what we'd prefer to present to others. In that safe space we are surrounded by love we can be honest. What interests me is that the situation is not changed by the revelation but the power of shame is. May we all have safe places to be who we really are, to be loved as we are and may we be courageously honest.