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I am going to explore the concepts of 'blind spots', the fear of them, the courage to confront them and the friends who love us enough to journey with us as we expose them and change. To do this I have made a garment from gifted fabric but not sewn the last few seams together. As the 100 days unfold I will add some stitches every day and as they draw to an end I will complete the jacket. A collection of tiny stitches each day and maybe a sentence to go with them... a meditation on courage, surrender and rich relationships. A declaration that I will be more than I am right now. Phil 1v6


Inner Worlds

To deal with courage to 'blind spots' and 'bruises' takes work in the quiet spaces, the inner places. Today as I have stitched I have thought about the capacity and 'largeness' of the inner world. All the outward busyness and impressive doing is nothing but smoke mirrors if the inner world is small and stingy. No-one will pay you a big salary to do the inner work but the real people, the people with whom you share your world, the face to face relationships they will suffer if you have a small and wounded inner world. How sad to be a CEO or a superstar and yet have no richness in what you give to your deep relationships, no peace, contentment, harmony in the quiet solitary places of your world. It would be good if the 'doing' mattered less. As I stitch I pray for a big, peaceful, joyful, love giving inner space whatever the outward achievements look like.