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Tineswari Maruthamuthu

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STUDIES IN C MINOR – A collection of ethereal paintings, musings and poetry based on nostalgia, longing, despair and hope.


When boys and men used to stare at me
Trying from a distance to delve
At twelve

Where I still failed at trying to forget you
In a land far away trying to be free
At twenty three

Who would have thought we would be here
Trying to open a closed door
At thirty four

Why can't I stop seeing you in my mind
Where you still keep me alive
At forty five

Which heart will we be carrying deep within
A broken thing we need to fix
At fifty six

How do you keep on pretending to live
Waiting for a little heaven
At sixty seven

And maybe the time will finally come
Even if it's just a little late
At seventy eight

Day 83: Our year