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Tineswari Maruthamuthu

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STUDIES IN C MINOR – A collection of ethereal paintings, musings and poetry based on nostalgia, longing, despair and hope.


There are days when I can smell the fresh rain falling on the hot tarmac, and instantly I'm transported through time. I wonder if you remember the same things I do. I know the years are passing by, and that life is happening to both of us whether we like it or not... and slowly, if not surely, you must have forgotten so many things by now. I wonder if you know that I'm still here... stuck here in 2003 when life was painfully simple and we dared not think too far ahead, for fear that reality would break our little bubble. The truth is, life did break us... and perhaps we are where we are meant to be now. But I'm still here... are you?

Day 76: Still here