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Tineswari Maruthamuthu

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STUDIES IN C MINOR – A collection of ethereal paintings, musings and poetry based on nostalgia, longing, despair and hope.


Do the stars seem to shine the same to you? Do you think of the same things when that songs starts to play on the radio? Do you still love pizza and ice cream and oreo cookies, and hate all forms of veges? Do you still escape into your world of books when the real world gets too much to handle? Do you still play the guitar when you're all alone in your room? Do you still do the things you used to do, cos they made you you? Or are you all grown up now, and you've stopped rolling your tshirt sleeves up? Do you eat better these days? Do you still think of me when the wind blows the tall grasses and the rain starts to fall? Do you remember me at all? 

Day 68: Do you?