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Tineswari Maruthamuthu

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STUDIES IN C MINOR – A collection of ethereal paintings, musings and poetry based on nostalgia, longing, despair and hope.


I am supportive. I look up to your aspirations. I admire your tenacity. I don't think I have the same conviction. I am weaker but I'm not weak. I asked you a question. I don't choose you over me. I am genuinely curious. I cannot understand why you're getting mad. I didn't accuse. I didn't want to make you feel bad but you did. I am not responsible for how you feel. I am responsible for asking a question when I don't understand. I am punished for my inquisition. I am made to fight. I hate fighting. I hate this argument that was just a question. I hate your rising tone. I ask you to calm down. I hear my heart racing. I hate all of this. I hate that I am responsible. 

Day 59: Hate