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Tina Ng

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Where Dreams and Darkness Meet: 100 Days Piano. I missed the project schedule on, who hosted a theme "Where Dreams And Darkness Meet". The theme resonated deeply with me and my piano practice, so I want to bring this theme here as my project.


Established stereotypes say most successful artists and musicians are drug users, for drugs pull the deepest, wildest ideas from the depths of their minds. My piano session tonight was under the influence of half can of beer that I couldn't finish because I was too full from dinner. Sure it's not much, but I have the Asian gene with lesser alcohol tolerance. It doesn't take much for me to be tipsy. On the other hand I feel oddly wonderful mashing at keys in this state of mind. I spent a good 10 minutes on this song - the menu theme song from the game .hack//GU. I remember how captivated I was when I first heard the melody, which was probably 10 years ago or so when the game first came out. I knew the game was new at the time, because my ex boyfriend was a loyal fan of the series and would not miss any new updates from them. Ever since I heard this song, I've been daydreaming about me playing it someday. It still captivates me 10 years later. I can't play this song with both hands tonight, not to mention it seems like a distant dream now to think of playing this song with both hands, let alone perfectly, but I'm very proud of how I managed to navigate the notes when I play it with separate hands, slowly. Two months ago I did write down what the notes were, to practice my note reading. So I vaguely remember the common pattern being F, C, F, D, G, blah. Once I notice a pattern in the notes, the guess work comes a little easier. It's fascinating how music is really a matter of pattern recognition, yet add a few tricks and you'll be able to seize a keen listener's heart.