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Sarah Fels

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I like to embrace mistakes as opportunities. These forms that have been described as triffids, snorkels, vases, or something from Dr. Seuss, were born from an accident. I aim to continue to let the creative process dictate what types of pottery evolves from clay and fire for the next 100 days.


Day 1

I spent tonight refining and recreating my signature stamp both on the computer and as a stamp. I've been using this concept of an S with a reflected F for a while, but every time drawing or carving it onto the pot using a pencil and it usually ends up quite messy. I have been wanting to create a stamp to do this for a long time! I thought it'd be a good place to start so that all my work made has the same signature from day 1. I also want to use this on my website, which my husband is helping me to create over this time as well.