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Ronja Schipper

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Working with discarded objects & materials has been a lifelong passion and habit of mine. For these 100 days, I will create a little illustration each day, centred around a found object or material, and simply see where this journey takes me...


Piece of fluff

Ok, so when I found this bit of black fluff on the floor of "te uru" gallery today (on an art excursion with my son's year 3 class), I thought "sweet - this will be my chosen piece of treasure for today!" But when I sat down at my desk, the first two pens I picked up, didn't work ;o( And now I've been here for an hour or so, scribbling up different scenarios around my bit of trash... and they ALL turned out to be rubbish! Arrgh. It's time to put out dinner for the kids, and this is the best I can come up with today, sorry folks. I actually feel a bit like the guy in my picture. But tomorrow is another day...