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Michael Szeto

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100 Icons. Icons are simplistic yet beautiful graphics that help deliver clarity in UI, UX and Interaction Design. It is my personal project to make an icon over 100 days inspired by "things" I come across each day.



Sometimes you have your great moments where you feel like you are on top of the world and other times you get that feeling that you are in a losing battle and you're not any good at what you do.. The best solution? Stand up and face the fight again to get better and better. You get knocked down once but you can get back up to knock down the day tomorrow. This is a mentality I am now trying to take onboard as you get a lot of critique that is a lot to take in on an 8 hour day, but this career is one of the most exciting things you can witness: Seeing others use your designs to make a difference. With this in mind I wanted an icon that represents this long hard challenge to do and chose to do my own sharp sword.