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Michael J. Parry

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I try to write - so I shall write for half an hour a day... What shall I post each day? Maybe a word count. Maybe a summary. Maybe a story.


I didn't really like the way the icy wind felt under my wings. Also the snow in the air. Dodgy the larger icicles of snow can be difficult. Especially when you are only 6 inches tall and your wings are fragile. The day was bitter, and I was late to the guard house. My partner int he Watch Elanore would not be pleased with my tardiness. She was a corporal in the Watch and I was her junior partner. She is the muscle being eight foot of muscle and troll. I'm the brain being the mage Elenui. I suspect Elanore is more well read than me though. She stood, black hair pulling in the wind. Her tusks gleaming with care in the torch light. "You are late." Elanore said in her careful deliberate way. "Yeah," I replied flippantly. "There is a problem on the waves that require our diligent and careful attention," Elanore said. "Come along." "Yeah what ever," I replied. This Guard thing was new too me and I was still not sure if I wanted to stay. It seemed a good idea at the time, joining that is. "You know Gurt," Elanore said as I lighted on her shoulder and took a grip on her collar. "A bit more active interest in the job would go a long way." "Ah huh." Elanore sighed, which is an interesting thing for a troll to do. Elanore was an unexpected sort of lady. "You do know," Elanore said after a while as she forged through the snow, "Usually I loose partners because they can't deal with a Troll, not because they are uninterested." "I don't know why the Captain partnered me with you." "Me neither," Elanore said. "He must have had an idea." "Well then," I said trying to curl further into Elanore's think hair. "What's the problem then." "Mistress Ember at the Goat's Hoof Inn has had some issues with unruly sailors fresh too the port. There is a particularly large and difficult one who needs removal." "A perfect job for you then," I said snidely. "Why drag me out in this weather?" "You need to learn." Elanore said as she turned onto the quay that ran along the waterfront of Delvenport. The oddly named Goat's Hoof Inn was a wealthy inn that stood out for it's fresh paint and bright torches. Two large bouncers, both Human, stood on the door.