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Mats Fogelvik

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I am committing to drink a different beer every day for 100 days, and document my findings. (And life is too short to drink cheap beer) Thanks, Claudia Disney for my new profile picture!


Tropical Torpedo

It is a tropical Saturday afternoon in Hawaii, good time to enjoy a Tropical Torpedo. This is a new one for me, a tropical twist of Sierra Nevada's Torpedo IPA. From the label: "Inspired by the island life, we created an IPA completely disconnected from the mainland. We used our one-of-a-kind Hop Torpedo to deliver an intense rush of hop flavor and the lush aromas of mango, papaya, and passionfruit with every sip. Enjoy our tropical twist on the American IPA." Usually, I am not a fan of "fruit beer", but I could get used to this one. After all, I live on a tropical island.... (and yes, it is a blue ocean in the background of my picture)