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Mats Fogelvik

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I am committing to drink a different beer every day for 100 days, and document my findings. (And life is too short to drink cheap beer) Thanks, Claudia Disney for my new profile picture!


Hoppy Lager

Hoppy Lager, crisp and hoppy. Another very drinkable hybrid, lager beers are usually not hoppy. This was part of a "party pack" with 4 different beers from Sierra Nevada. I rarely drink lagers any more, but they do have their charm. This one is very tasty. Reminds me of many years ago, when my "beer after work" was Steinlager. I have not had a Stein in probably 10 years, I got tired of them and when Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale came out it was so much better, in my mind. I should get a Steinlager and include in my 100 day challenge!