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Mats Fogelvik

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I am committing to drink a different beer every day for 100 days, and document my findings. (And life is too short to drink cheap beer) Thanks, Claudia Disney for my new profile picture!



I will go with the Sierra Nevada theme for a few days here, since I have some in my fridge. Celebration is a seasonal beer, for around Christmas time. I just happen to have some still, because they came late to Hawaii this year, and I bought a few cases... This is an IPA type of beer, and it is made from fresh hops, very tasty. IPA is my favorite type of beer. It stands for India Pale Ale, and it was developed way back when India was a British colony. They shipped beer from England to India to quench the colonial thirst. India was too warm for brewing at that time. To the dismay of the poor brits, the beer went bad during the long ocean journey, what to do? No refrigeration back then. Come to find out the beers brewed with more hops and higher alcohol content fared better on the journey, hence the very hoppy IPA style was born. And that is worth a Celebration!