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Mats Fogelvik

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I am committing to drink a different beer every day for 100 days, and document my findings. (And life is too short to drink cheap beer) Thanks, Claudia Disney for my new profile picture!


Three Philosophers

Today is day 100. It has been an interesting journey. A friend and neighbor of mine, which heard about my challenge, donated a very special beer for the cause. "Three Philosophers" from Ommegang Brewery, Cooperstown, N.Y. This is a Belgian style quadrupel, top fermented and bottle conditioned. The most special was the vintage (or brewtage?) Anno 2004. So, I got the honor to uncork this brew, cellared for 13 years! That is special. I had to invite some friends for this, the donor, my neighbor and their spouses. This made us three philosophers and two spouses, haha! What a wonderful evening! The beer was good, so much aroma and caramel/fruity notes. Not much carbonation left after all those years, but very tasty, deep and rich. I just feel very happy to have such a nice ending of this challenge with good friends. Since we were five people, we had a few other beers to back up the evening with and stay philosophical. But that is another story....