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Mats Fogelvik

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I am committing to drink a different beer every day for 100 days, and document my findings. (And life is too short to drink cheap beer) Thanks, Claudia Disney for my new profile picture!


Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

I am gonna start off nice and easy here. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is my go-to basic good beer, which I enjoy pretty much everyday after work. It is the beer which started the craft beer revolution in the US in my opinion. Those of you who know me might just think this is a silly project of mine, I drink beer all the time. But I actually see it as an intricate part of my creative process. The woodwork I do can be pretty intense and demanding and a good beer after work helps to put everything into perspective. 100 different beers will probably be a challenge around here, come August I may have to resort to Bud light! Anyway, I am a believer of the theory that civilization as we know it was created by the need to stay put for a while when you were brewing your beer, hence the hunter/gatherer lifestyle was abandoned in favor of agriculture. Cheers!