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massimiliano siccardi - Diplopies

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DIPLOPIAS The images of this collection belong to a considerable number of photographs, being the result of a research path started time ago and whose subject is diplopia. From a scientific point of view, diplopia is a double vision, both horizontally or vertically, of the same object. Normally the fusion mechanism allows, though complex neurological processes, to integrate the images perceived by both eyes in an only one. If this fusion mechanism is missing, the visual cortex will perceive two different overlapping images. I have started making photographs using the overlay technique in the most diverse places, capturing what interested me with extreme speed using an iPhone and an App that allow to take photographs of dual display in an ordered temporal sequence, visualizing directly the overlaid result. These reveled to be congenial means for my need to catch the moment of the vision and for realizing images that in some cases became something else from what I had seen or could have seen. During the course of my research the emotional experience that let me discover the profound motivation of my work was decisive. I understood that I was attempting to being close to my mother, identifying myself with her, trying to see with her eyes that did not allow her to see as before. From the tenderness that I have felt for her fragility, I passed to the need of creating something that would contain this all but would also become something else. Mend the seen with the not seen, pursue an eccentric system of vision placing yourself in the memory as an oversight, a margin, a threshold that, once crossed, moves the gaze not on the subject but on the complexity of the image an therefore on the multiplicity of the sign. This is, I said to myself, what I should have done and what should constitute my point of reference and guidance. In some photographs the subjects are not immediately recognizable any more, they have lost their usual appearance and seem to be constituted by disconnected shapes. Objects and people are represented in an apparently disheveled way but, looking closely, show contemporarily the diverse aspects observed from different points of view. The reality is not a single and impenetrable body but offers itself to our experience in a multiplicity that concerns us all and of which we are part. Our same existences are always more changing and produce different and new visions.


Day 70