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Wintertime Creations. Here in Eastbourne the days are short and the temperature has dropped to a shiver. The wind and rain tap tirelessly on my studio door, and long evening hours are spent in front of a crackling fire. Outside, the colours of Summer have forfeited to a soft grey, and we are set for a long cold Winter. I dream of the warm sunshine of Summer, with its attending glorious hues. Until then, I will just have to live vicariously through my winter artworks. One hundred days working in front of a warm fire should produce one hundred exciting accidental artworks. We shall see! And then Summer will return. Bravo!



Ten years after the previous photo in the garden, everything in the photos took on a serious red tinge. The palm tree is over 2 stories high now, the children are around the 50 mark, and the mother is nearing 80. Tomorrow I'll fix the ipad and get back to jiggery-pokery photography. Today has been all day on the film set again. Everything must keep rolling along or the impetus will disappear. PS Kajal Cat lived to 22.