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Kirsty Venters Marks

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100 Days of Podoku This project will see me writing a new podoku every day for 100 days. And what exactly is a podoku? It's a poem written as a sudoku, a way of taking nine words and changing their order in a orderly yet random way. It creates surprises and new perspectives for the poet and the reader alike.


Day 90

It's getting very near the end of this amazing project now and I'm working out the final display order for the upcoming Edinburgh exhibition. This is, of course, extremely exciting for me and I've got a pretty clear plan. I want to have a little explanatory podoku, a stand-alone grid, explaining the rules (there really aren't any rules, of course) - which is what today's podoku is all about. Just do your own thing. This has been the most fascinating of many lessons learned in the course of this 100 Days adventure: the freedom within the form. Those straight lines and strict rules have resulted in crazy word order and given me real food for thought. I'm so happy I've been writing them for all these days. Ten more to go!