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Kirsty Venters Marks

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100 Days of Podoku This project will see me writing a new podoku every day for 100 days. And what exactly is a podoku? It's a poem written as a sudoku, a way of taking nine words and changing their order in a orderly yet random way. It creates surprises and new perspectives for the poet and the reader alike.


Day 81

This podoku relates to the title of an exhibition I'm involved with, coming up in November - The Shadows Cast By Trees. It's a collaboration between myself and a wonderful visual artist/illustrator, Cordula Marks Venters; she's doing the pictures and I'm writing some poems for display. It's such an exciting project and, in a way, this 100 Days experience has helped me to see my poetry in a more visual way than ever before. Hooray for 100 Days!