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Kirsty Venters Marks

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100 Days of Podoku This project will see me writing a new podoku every day for 100 days. And what exactly is a podoku? It's a poem written as a sudoku, a way of taking nine words and changing their order in a orderly yet random way. It creates surprises and new perspectives for the poet and the reader alike.


Day 18

This podoku is written in the Scots language - today is a big day for us here in Scotland (and the rest of the UK) - the inspiration I had for this was a quote I once heard, which, if I paraphrase it slightly, said - if history is written by the victors, then we make ourselves victorious by writing our own histories. This speaks to me. So, I post this poem, hoping for Scotland's history to take a step closer to freedom today. Wish us luck!