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Kirsty Venters Marks

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100 Days of Podoku This project will see me writing a new podoku every day for 100 days. And what exactly is a podoku? It's a poem written as a sudoku, a way of taking nine words and changing their order in a orderly yet random way. It creates surprises and new perspectives for the poet and the reader alike.


Day 100

And here it is - the final podoku. It's been a very special experience and I'm so glad to have taken part in this while project and to have seen it through to the end. The whole process has been an incredible learning experience as a poet as well as a test of determination and the sheer will to reach the end. I don't know how often I'll be writing podokus again after this - it might take a while to get back into it! - but I feel fantastic about having this collection completed. Thank you to all the 100 Day people who have made this possible - I raise a glass to you all! Till next time...