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Toon in and chill out...

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I love to speed-doodle with ball point pen. And to be honest, its a lot of fun to draw as quickly as possible (why, I don't know - maybe I'm just impatient). When it comes to Comics 'n Caricatures, it's not something I do a lot of, but its a particular drawing skill I'd love to get better at. Some scrawling on random bits of paper, biro (or pencil) in hand - 100 days of compulsory doodling practice to see if I can extend my artistic abilities. Roll on day 1... Lets get that skill-building started! :)


Day 59 - doodley-doo! Another pointless doodle for you...

Yup - nobody in particular - started toying with the slanted eyes and just doodled around them to make up another random face. Females are my biggest challenge. They usually look too masculine so getting in plenty of practice drawing some - even if random nobodies - isn't a bad thing.