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Toon in and chill out...

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I love to speed-doodle with ball point pen. And to be honest, its a lot of fun to draw as quickly as possible (why, I don't know - maybe I'm just impatient). When it comes to Comics 'n Caricatures, it's not something I do a lot of, but its a particular drawing skill I'd love to get better at. Some scrawling on random bits of paper, biro (or pencil) in hand - 100 days of compulsory doodling practice to see if I can extend my artistic abilities. Roll on day 1... Lets get that skill-building started! :)


Day 20 - the man with the mouth...

"Drawn with ink? Did you really say this was *drawn* with INK? Are you f*&^%! kidding me?! My pet octopus could draw a better picture with its a#$!!" - Gordon Ramsay, 'Doodle Nightmares' episode 1, season none.