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Ruth Watt - Keep On Keepin' On/Things That Make You Go Mmmm

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My first half of the project is named after the Redskins song from back when pop was political and the youth was pretty damn miffed by what they saw around them, my papercuts project celebrates the protest banners of the last year. Brexit, Trump, womens rights, refugees, gay rights - whatever the issue thankfully we can still be relied upon to make a sign and stand in the rain for hours and shout our support. Touching, funny and inspiring, these signs show what holds us together in these jawdroppingly crazy political times. Keep on keeping' on... The second half is called Things That Make You Go Mmmm (keeping with the music themed titles - thanks C+C Music Factory for title inspiration) - it is 50 things that make me happy and an antidote to the worries of the world shown in the protests of part 1...