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Karen Marshall

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Seven years ago I spent three and a half months living in Siena attending language school and my Italian was great! In the years that followed I dabbled with studying and I still had an okay base knowledge of it. It was hard to stay focused though, speaking English all day. More recently I've fallen off the wagon completely with lessons which is sad, because I want to speak Italian fluently. So to supercharge my language learning for 100 days I'm going to undertake some form of Italian lesson for 30 minutes per day (be it online or reading aloud). I'll then pick one verb to write about in my summary.


Day 5

Day five and I’m still on Duo Lingo Basics 2. Today we started conjugating regularly used verbs such as leggere (to read). Io leggo, tu leggi, lui/lei legge, noi leggiamo, voi leggete, loro leggono.