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We are a design store based in Christchurch, Aotearoa NZ, and our focus is on supporting and promoting local artists and creatives.

As part of maintaining our creative discipline and focus on our core values, we will be photo documenting a different creation each day that showcases the wealth of creative talent in our beautiful city. Each item must be created or designed by a local Canterbury based artist/designer/creator, and available for purchase in one of our HAPA stores.

As our city rebuilds around us its important to continue to value and acknowledge the creatives, the misfits, the dreamers... and the small businesses that showcase them.

We are the cracks in the pavement, the foraged flowers from demolition sites, the opportunities that arise from chaos...and we are beautiful MAURI ORA!


Day 5: Monsters are Friends Too

Attention to detail, a hyper active imagination and the skills of a brain surgeon combine in the artistry of this amazing creator, local designer Perry Logan. Perrys world - or Peretopia - is populated with monster friends, boombox toting ducks, fang toothed bunnies, soda popping pandas, pirate yaks and more!

Perry uses native wood offcuts salvaged from earthquake demolition sites and repurposes with humour and intent. I love products where you can see the handprint, heart, and soul of the maker - I often see people laugh out loud, pick one up and connect with one of his pieces...

My favourite is a small dog running away from home with a hanky tied on a stick... he reminds me of being very small and aggrieved with the world at large, and sits on my mantlepiece as a reminder that if Im not happy - crikey DO something about it!