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We are a design store based in Christchurch, Aotearoa NZ, and our focus is on supporting and promoting local artists and creatives.

As part of maintaining our creative discipline and focus on our core values, we will be photo documenting a different creation each day that showcases the wealth of creative talent in our beautiful city. Each item must be created or designed by a local Canterbury based artist/designer/creator, and available for purchase in one of our HAPA stores.

As our city rebuilds around us its important to continue to value and acknowledge the creatives, the misfits, the dreamers... and the small businesses that showcase them.

We are the cracks in the pavement, the foraged flowers from demolition sites, the opportunities that arise from chaos...and we are beautiful MAURI ORA!


Day 13: If You Meet a Bear in the Woods

Some days you have to be a grizzly bear to make yourself heard. I find myself in the position of attending a lot of meetings lately where if I didnt Be The Bear, I might not get a chance to speak. I can get a little grizzly at any time, but coffee has never been my drink of choice, Im a turmeric coconut latte kind of bear. But thats the beauty of things isn't it, underneath our bearskins we are all a different kind of awesome bear.

These mugs are one of many quirky products with a humorous edge that are designed and screen printed by an awesome lover of bears and puns, local designer Sophie Louise.

Sophie works as a screen printer by day with her family business - Glass and Ceramic Printing - here in Christchurch, a job which allowed her to learn the trade and make her own products.

G and C create a number of products for us at HAPA, including several which we have designed ourselves. Its such a pleasure to work with a local family business, from inception to production, to see real time sampling, and create a product which we are proud of. Its awesome to see a member of that same family business use the skills gained from her studies in graphic design and photography to achieve her dreams too!