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Gavin Blackwell

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An exploration of layering, line and form through paint. I plan to create a series of acrylic paintings consisting of 100 layers, each separated by a transparent layer of varnish.


Thank Fook For That!

Not quite 100 days but definitely 100 layers of paint and 100 layers of varnish on each of these which is what I set out to achieve. I had to complete these early as they're going into an exhibition at Tent Gallery, Edinburgh. I've been layering away multiple times daily across the last week or so to make up the shortfall. It's still a hundred days to me! (technically 95)...Needs must! It's been quite a journey but I'm so happy I don't have to work on these anymore. I've lost count of the amount of times over the last three and a bit months I've come home after a mad day at work only to stare blankly at these and wonder why the hell I signed up for this. Then there's the numerous weekend Cider/ IPA fuelled efforts that left me wondering what the hell I was thinking the night before. Great journey, lots learned, lots of new ideas to take forward. Large beer, YES PLEASE!