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I will gather photos and experiences to create a lasting memory of what it's like to be 11 years old in Hamilton New Zealand, and all the things I love about my life in this part of the world.


Felix's Year 7 Speech: Why I Shouldn't Move to Napier (exerpt)....

Who thinks my parents are mean? Did you know, Mum and Dad, that if you take me away from my friends my mind and body will fall apart after a while.  One day you will come into my gloomy sad bedroom because I'll have depression, and you'll see an eye on the bed, a head on the floor, and a foot on the dressing table!  And then you'll cry and say "Why did we move to Napier?  Why?!!!"  

Day 88 Class Speeches

I had to give my speech today at school in front of my class. We had to talk for at least 3 minutes. It was horrible. I hated doing it. Some people cried, my speech was so powerful! I wrote about moving to Napier, and all the bad parts about that. There are actually some good bits about moving too, but I left them out of my speech.