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I will gather photos and experiences to create a lasting memory of what it's like to be 11 years old in Hamilton New Zealand, and all the things I love about my life in this part of the world.


Day 83 Rabbit and more

This picture is of all the fur and stuff that I have collected over the years the tip of an antler was from my Auncle Terrys House the big piece of rabbit fur is from viking camp where my old scout leader gave some people a piece of the archery target. The tail and the foot are the rabbit that me and Hilary skinned together at scouts at well, she got another foot she was also going to get the tail but dad wouldn't let me bring the bloody head home from scouts so I got the tail and the little puff of fluff is a posum tail I got from my mum? when I was little. p.s. puss puss our cat just savagely killed a bird!!