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I will gather photos and experiences to create a lasting memory of what it's like to be 11 years old in Hamilton New Zealand, and all the things I love about my life in this part of the world.


Day 2 There will be bears!

The reason I took this photo is because of a book that I read last year that I loved, and that book was about bears. The book about bears was called There Will Be Bears by Ryan Gebhart, about a boy who went elk hunting with his grandad. His grandad was getting too old so his Dad said they shouldn't go but they went anyway, and the boy was attacked by a bear. I remember one night Mum came into my room and said ""Stop reading" and I was in the middle of the bear attack bit! Yeah, so I really want to go to Canada and Alaska and all those wild snowy places (with bears) and I like bears because they are awesome. I got these two bears for Christmas and they live on my bedside table. P.S. My knees are muddy.