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Evelyn Davis

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I want to play with colour and design. I work with wet felting and I want to discipline myself to explore outside the instinctive and habitual. Using inspiration from absolutely anywhere, I will do at least one watercolour postcard sized (or bigger) picture each day, and then at least once a week I will transform the one I find most appealing into a wetfelted item.. bag, hat, slippers, journal cover, etc.


Papier mache sculpting.

Busy making table top puppet heads for a Matariki story which means i had to study what makes a head look female or male. i learnt alot and spent ages gently tweaking and shaping papier mache that was a bit sticky ( i added flour as a thickener, forgetting it is also used as a glue! I also studied the site which told me about the various features that make for maleness and femaleness, which definitely fits under the heading of design. Just looking and seeing and comparing,...fascinating.