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Evelyn Davis

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I want to play with colour and design. I work with wet felting and I want to discipline myself to explore outside the instinctive and habitual. Using inspiration from absolutely anywhere, I will do at least one watercolour postcard sized (or bigger) picture each day, and then at least once a week I will transform the one I find most appealing into a wetfelted item.. bag, hat, slippers, journal cover, etc.


Day 14

I have been immersed in making heads for a puppet show which has involved learning how to sculpt a face, how to distinguish male and female facial features, how to apply stage make up, and what mokos are all about ( well, a bit) and how to dress the drawing and painting on paper have taken a bit of a back seat, but i have loved doing these, and it has very much been helped by this new habit of picking up a paintbrush every day!