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Everyday, I would like to express an enhanced emotion, whether self experienced or expressed by another person (will be stated) using at least two different forms of media including writing, drawing, photography, video/GIF and crafting.


I was jealous of her milk complexion and her touch
that rose the hairs on any man's skin. I was jealous
of the ballon in her golden curls as they followed
her elegant sashay wherever she set her tiny,
pretty feet one after the other like a spell.

I was jealous even though I was told the sun had
blessed my skin and no ordinary man could handle
my stare let alone my electric touch.

I was jealous even though I was told my coils told
stories only my ancestors could appreciate.
I was jealous even though I was told I had the stride
and stealth of a lioness in the wild and my feet danced
to the heartbeat of the mother nature.

And in one perfect moment one perfect day
I was jealous no more.

Day 82