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Everyday, I would like to express an enhanced emotion, whether self experienced or expressed by another person (will be stated) using at least two different forms of media including writing, drawing, photography, video/GIF and crafting.


"It's not about the sunny days. I mean it's a little bit about the sunny days. A little bit. We all want a little sun in our lives, right? So-"
"You're rambling." I took another ghastly sip of the horrid drink this clockwork toy I practiced reverse psychology on myself into befriending for over eight years had bought for me with promises of it making me feel "tonnes better".
"Right. Sometimes the sun is too bright and it's ok to want to be engulfed by the moonlight." He sipped his milder mix of my nasty elixir in silence for half a minute.
"That's a quote you totally jacked up, isn't it?" I said to no one in front of me.
"Yea. I thought it might help."

Day 54

Getting over you.