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Clam Glam is a Shore Thing: 100 Days of Painting on Seashells

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Adopt-a-Shell: Give a Former Tiny House, a New Home. Each of these seashells was once home to a little creature, on the shores of, or on the bottom of local coastal waters. Now each of them has been given a fresh coat of interior decoration, with their outsides left mostly untouched, showing the story and beauty of where they have been. If you would like to give one a loving home, or if you know someone who would be thrilled to have them, please: click on your favourite shells and find out their story and adoption details. Proceed portions go to marine education, conservation and research. Postage is free. (Sometimes a few requests for the same shell are received, so I will request payment only from the person who 'got' the shell. Thank you xo)

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Day 94 A Bouquet of Flowers

94/100 (NZD 67) A bouquet of flowers This is a slightly translucent horse mussel shell. It is possibly the inner layer of nacre, with the actual shell having been worn away (is my guess). I love its dark pearlescent hues. You can also see the painted flowers through it, from the other side too. Horse mussels, Atrina zelandica, are found in soft sediment habitats around New Zealand. Beds of horse mussels are also homes for many smaller organisms. They can grow up to 30 cm long. This one is about 13.5 cm, and would probably be about 16 cm whole. Love this shell, and want to give it a new home? Send an email (Subject: Seashells) to [email protected] to find out more details. Orders are on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be sent payment information only if you got the shell. Clam Glam is a Shore Thing : a daily seashell painting constitutional. #100daysproject #100daysnz x #bluemind #100daysofblue