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Clam Glam is a Shore Thing: 100 Days of Painting on Seashells

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Adopt-a-Shell: Give a Former Tiny House, a New Home. Each of these seashells was once home to a little creature, on the shores of, or on the bottom of local coastal waters. Now each of them has been given a fresh coat of interior decoration, with their outsides left mostly untouched, showing the story and beauty of where they have been. If you would like to give one a loving home, or if you know someone who would be thrilled to have them, please: click on your favourite shells and find out their story and adoption details. Proceed portions go to marine education, conservation and research. Postage is free. (Sometimes a few requests for the same shell are received, so I will request payment only from the person who 'got' the shell. Thank you xo)

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Day 4 Gary

4/100 (NZD 12, <3cm) Do not be fooled by the many glorious pictures of the majestic, mesmerising and otherworldly octopuses you see floating around the internets. This is Gary showing you how it's done. She lives in a tank at our marine discovery centre. She likes hiding in the concrete cylinder, with her eye stalks poking out a little, while watching to see who's approaching, so that she can emerge and squirt well-aimed jets for her entertainment when the person tries to make food offerings. For extra mystery and maybe some modesty she often holds an oyster shell above her head. Yes when Gary Octavian Trottles first arrived we thought she was a boy and held asked for name suggestions. When Gary grew big enough for us to see that her third tentacle was lacking boy patterns we realised we were wrong. Soon to be released back to her home in the wild, we hope Garriet Octavia Trottles has had a pleasant stay with us. Love this shell, and want to give it a new home? Send an email (Subject: Seashells) to [email protected] to find out more details. Orders are on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be sent payment information only if you got the shell.