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Clam Glam is a Shore Thing: 100 Days of Painting on Seashells

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Adopt-a-Shell: Give a Former Tiny House, a New Home. Each of these seashells was once home to a little creature, on the shores of, or on the bottom of local coastal waters. Now each of them has been given a fresh coat of interior decoration, with their outsides left mostly untouched, showing the story and beauty of where they have been. If you would like to give one a loving home, or if you know someone who would be thrilled to have them, please: click on your favourite shells and find out their story and adoption details. Proceed portions go to marine education, conservation and research. Postage is free. (Sometimes a few requests for the same shell are received, so I will request payment only from the person who 'got' the shell. Thank you xo)

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1. Igloo

1/100 (NZD39) SOLD. Excited about painting seashells. :) Since seashells are essentially homes I wanted to paint different homes (for different folk). It's starting to feel quite chilly so naturally an igloo was quite apt. Even though I'm in a more northerly region of NZ which would be relatively warmer, I grew up in the tropics so a cool Southerly gust feels like a blizzard. ❄️❄️ I love looking out for shooting stars and using Prussian Blue. Also in this shell there are some natural markings which I left unpainted as it looks like snow-covered ground. Love this shell, and want to give it a new home? Send an email (Subject: Seashells) to [email protected] to find out more details. Orders are on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be sent payment information only if you got the shell.