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Catriona Keith

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To write one hundred hopeful words every day for one hundred days



‘God, he looks rough,’ Chris whispered.


‘So would you, if you lived on Bell’s and fags and fish suppers.  Alright, Dad?’


‘Morning, you two,’ he called as he crossed over the road. ‘You’re up early.’


‘Not really. It’s ten thirty,’ Ally muttered.


‘Any chance of a smoke?’


Ally proffered the open packet and held out his lighter.


‘I thought you’d quit, Alasdair?’


‘Yeah, I have…I did…’


Ally lit a second, shaking his head.


‘Your brother inside?’


‘Yeah,’ said Ally, ‘with Mum.’


‘Why’s your mother’s here?’ He raised an eyebrow.


‘To help. The house is a fucking health hazard, and you keep disappearing.’


‘Jesus, I was expecting the Good Fairies, but nobody warned me the Wicked Witch was coming too.’


The Good Fairies

From 'The Library Boys'