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Catriona Keith

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To write one hundred hopeful words every day for one hundred days


Surface, forfuckssake, with The Bends, lungless and broken, but surface. Then you’ll have a story to tell. You’ll be a mermaid or a sea-bloated corpse. Kick harder, keep trying until your lungs become a pulpy mess like your mashed-up thoughts. If you trust a passing porpoise, more fool you. A seal is a better bet, bonnie, doe-eyed and benign. Your Selkie friends let you ride their sleek pelts to shore. You give up your body to become one of them, because with them, you can breathe under water. You are a Selkie princess with a diamond smile. You rule together, share the fish, swim loops around the kayaks with your sisters. Your babies drink thick milk on the rocks and grow downy and perfect.



Tiffany's Free Writing Exercise

We were given the words 'Breathing under water' and told to write without stopping for three or four minutes without worrying about reflecting or editing what we wrote. Very cool.