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Catriona Keith

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To write one hundred hopeful words every day for one hundred days


My stammer hides from Stephanie, and she is like family to me. Better than family. She is so patient with me, teaching me to use a mobile phone.

The thing I love most about my new smartphone is the ability to send text messages. It’s so much easier than talking. I would type every word I ever needed to say and send it via text message if I could. The most wonderful thing is sometimes Ryan and I will sit on the sofa, or at opposite sides of the bar, and carry out a conversation using our phones, and for the first time, I can express myself clearly and without fear or shame.


Text Message

I love using technology to hide behind, I will use the automated checkouts rather than make small talk, and I cheer inwardly if the phonecall I have to make to the bank or the insurance company is automated. Also I worked with someone who was cripplingly shy, and I remember the only time I saw him get animated, was in praise of text messages.