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Catriona Keith

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To write one hundred hopeful words every day for one hundred days



Steam off a hot horse and a drying road.

 Heavy rain that dies away like a round of applause, leaving the air singing to a beat of dripping trees. Anxiously counting magpies, where is your wife?

Tiny purple flowers among the buttercups. Fireworks of yellow on the broom.

 A red squirrel squashed on the tarmac. A rare red one, he should have lived.

Shot-silk silver birch bark flashing by us. Cattle jostling along the fence line, shitting and squelching. Clachnaben hunching wart-nosed in the distance.

 The river makes him spook, burbling over some rocks. It’s only water and foam, but he sees a Kelpie.  


Muir of Dinnet, Endurance Ride

For the last eighteen years I've been passionate about the sport of Endurance riding, which has taken me and Jack all over the UK and over some beautiful and challenging routes.