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Writing and adding to my blog for 100 days which focuses on my insights into life, work, and love, as both a psychologist and a fellow human.

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The port hums the coloured boxes stack And the harbour lies wide with arms that Do not care 200 years ago it was all the same, hurrying On the breeze and the tide and the hint Of some next fortune just off the edges of the map. There will be no surprising of these brown eyes Having witnessed the first fleets of Rakaihautu Paddling weary next to the rocks Accepting this gift of shelter and hungry for the Seals, birds, and fish - calling to the people to settle here. The giant Horomaka looks over the stripped land And whistfully recalls times of simple techtonics Before Te Rauparaha filled these bays with deceit and blood And forged a nation From beneath the shame filled gaze Of these wise Banks.

Canterbury Littoral History

Another ode to the quiet humble Lyttelton and a nod to its history and part of influencing New Zealand's early colonial trajectory.