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Ecuador and the Concluding Drama of Part One 

Ecuadorian orphan kids sharing the love and getting kicks off rabbit-earring their buddies - cjG  

An incredible clarity comes over me around that time that a kind of closing to the current season is descending, maybe Part One of this Trip is drawing to a close, having looked so frighteningly tenuous from all the lead-up. All the final loose puzzle pieces snap perfectly into place over about a 24hr period: Christmas comes early for me as a package I had sent over from home is collected from the efficient Ecuadorian customs office; my engine-upgrade comes off without a hitch with the spare parts my buddy brought down with him from the States for me; and my new & improved bike ownership paperwork comes off looking genuine-as (I learn a bit about photoshop along the way). Suddenly we’re sitting having our final beers together and it's just been magic having such a familiar friendly face to hang out with here on this far-away continent. 

Riding out of Quito and across the equator into the northern hemisphere and towards Columbia I’m alternately flawed at my good fortune in the wake of the weight of all my unnecessary worry in the past, and singing Jeff Buckley's 'Hallelujah' into my helmet, and grinning into the welcoming arms of South America Part Two.



Day 22