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Writing and adding to my blog for 100 days which focuses on my insights into life, work, and love, as both a psychologist and a fellow human.

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Lagunas, Peru

Delight in my amazon fortune, 

Awaiting ships down mighty rivers as the jungle rains come. 

Muddy banks with locals pondering what locals ponder, 

River dolphins slowly coalesce upstream, no hurry,

With rainforest the uniting factor for all of us. 

The impossible becomes manifest here on these shores, 

Far away from anything but themselves,

A place in which beauty will make you believe again,

Despite all your relinquished idealism,

Will help you choose again; 

I will believe in magic.

I will believe in majesty and providence.

I choose to believe in love and the power of salvation.

Because looking out the window at the Amazon River taking in the raindrops of storm clouds,

There is not enough justification to not believe.

And so.

Come the rain,

Come the evening darkness.

Let the ripple on the hotel-tin-roof confirm everything we've ever suspected about the true nature of the world and how those who earnestly seek,

Are found out there in the dark. 

These are the places to which those of us faithful will come,

Trusting in the signs and entrusted with a lover's intuition,

Doing all that we can to stay the narrow course,

And be true to the rivers,

And skies,

And rains.





Day 21