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Carsten Grimm

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Writing and adding to my blog for 100 days which focuses on my insights into life, work, and love, as both a psychologist and a fellow human.

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Nothing has changed Since you caught me in your unfurled sail Like a shifting trade wind Sending you across to a warmer ocean Before your breeze I would seek to reiterate beginnings Over and over Forgoing those lessons that you would hold for me In some far off determination Refusing to see my suspected implication In future lamented wreckages I would put stock in signs and symbols Believing in stacked decks Providential intersections Always hoping to have the rules changed It wasn't until out there on the water When all my tides had gone too far out That I began to see the true north The long sail between narrow straights Of mutual trim and tackle Nothing has changed Since I landed in your sheets But the hemisphere of my entire world

The Sailing

Dedicated to my wonderful wife Meredith. Thank you for changing my whole world xx