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Carsten Grimm

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Writing and adding to my blog for 100 days which focuses on my insights into life, work, and love, as both a psychologist and a fellow human.

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This is the place where I cast my ideas adrift. Born in Denmark, I consider myself an adopted son of Aotearoa New Zealand. I feel a strong connection to the land and wairua (spirit) of these sacred isles that have supported and nurtured and raised me on their shores, and in their rivers and lakes. A helicopter pilot in my former career, I am a registered psychologist with a toolbox focused on nurturing high performance, resilient behaviour, and mental skills under pressure. I see my contribution as helping to increase the density of human mental wellbeing on the planet, starting in my country, starting within my community, and starting with my family. I consider myself a curious observer of the human condition with a thirst to understand, and to support, those who aspire to do great work. When you dare greatly, you should be supported greatly. These people, those of us who dare, these people are my people. This is my ground truth. cjG #mygroundtruth

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