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Carol Jardine

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On the 9th May this year I had to make the challenging decision to bid farewell to my furry 4-legged soulmate. She was an enthusiastic, bouncy, full of life Labrador who had an inoperable tumour in her head. She taught me to BE in the moment, to SEE the beautiful in the ordinary and to value everything life has to offer. She was a legend of a Labrador and I miss her. Trying to find my way through the grief and create the beautiful in my every day again is my challenge during these 100 days.


Day 8

Be the change. I struggled this morning removing this little mite from the feral colony we feed but I know it's necessary. He's a stunning little fellow and will be put up for adoption once he's been given a clean bill of health and been neutered. His initial fear at being handled soon turned to mush as he snuggled in my hand for a cuddle.