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Cabbage Patch Costumes

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I have bought myself a new sewing machine and I am determined to gain some skills behind the wheel. My childhood Cabbage Patch Doll, Ronda Rinata Boyd, could do with a wardrobe of fun costumes! As I am involved with our local theatre Centre Stage, I would like to be able to help make costumes in the future too. Some days I will design the costume and collect materials needed. Other days will be make day!


Day 6 - Little Black Shoes

Shoes made out of a circle, hemmed to allow for a ribbon to be threaded through as a lace. I just made it up but it worked! Sewing a hem in a circle was challenging! Lots and lots of pins. I'm using up all the scraps from the black singlet I chopped up for the t shirt and the band to the skirt. I'm sure the threads that I have left can still become something. No material gets left behind.